Teaching in a Foreign Country Vs. Teaching in the UK

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Teaching in a Foreign Country Vs. Teaching in the UK

The world is a huge and glorious place with so much variety to see and do. Teachers are lucky enough to work with individuals from all walks of life and learn from their students as much as their students learn from them. Astute Education combines an individual’s love of teaching and learning to a variety of countries that can help you gain new perspective, meet new people and see the world. Travelling and visiting new places can allow someone to grow and become more confident and teaching abroad allows teachers to witness different cultures first hand. If someone was only to teach in the United Kingdom, they wouldn’t experience what other countries offer.



Like many aspects, there are differences in teaching salaries around the world, with the UK’s working teachers earning one of the lowest annual teaching salaries in Europe. Out of Europe, teachers in Switzerland earn one of the highest annual salaries, followed by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Of course, it depends on which level of teaching the individual is qualified for. In Austria, for example, there is a significant jump from when a teacher starts out to when they have been in their profession for 10 years, whereas in Hungary and Poland this salary advancement is not so great.

Though the UK teaching salary is not the worst in the world nor, is it the most important thing to many teachers, it is still a positive of teaching abroad that the annual salary may increase, depending on the country.

More Social

When somebody leaves their home in the UK and makes the choice to travel to a completely different country, this brave decision means they become more sociable and confident. Putting yourself in a new situation can always be a good thing as it means you must adapt and teaching abroad can allow you to get out of your comfort zone and meet others. You’ve packed your bags, left everything you know and made the first step in pursuing your profession abroad, how could this not make you a more outgoing person?

Meeting a new set of colleagues would undoubtedly be hard but, lifelong friendships could be made. Having friends and colleagues in another country is something that teaching solely in the UK cannot offer and you could learn so many things from interacting with individuals abroad, allowing you to become more self-assured and confident in your teaching abilities.

Job Satisfaction

Teaching is the dream job for many and educating people of all ages can bring fulfillment where a career is concerned. But, if you feel stuck in your teaching job in the UK, it is worth considering a teaching job abroad, especially in countries where there are job vacancies in international schools. This can bring great satisfaction to your career as you are helping pupils from a range of backgrounds learn and expand their minds. Astute Education offer teaching positions across the globe including in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America. Wherever you choose to go, being surrounded by a different culture will mean you are happier going to work on a morning and connecting with your students in different ways, allowing for a more fulfilling job role, compared to teaching purely in the United Kingdom.

Lasting Memories

When you go to work each day at the same place where you’ve always lived, all the days can blur into one and life can lose meaning. Choosing to teach abroad and meeting new people from a different country can bring everything you are grateful for into brilliant focus. Have you ever been a family holiday when you were younger and even now, you cherish the memories from that special time? The same could happen with your travel abroad experience where you collect memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn Another Language

Most of us were taught another language when we were in school, but how much can we really remember when we aren’t using that language every day? Teaching abroad, whether it be in a teaching job in Malaysia or in Dubai, and being immersed in another culture every day, allows you to pick up the country’s language in no time. This can make you feel more connected to the people around you if you can converse in their native language. Being able to speak another language is a dream for many people, and by teaching abroad, you have a much better chance of expanding your language horizons, than if you were merely teaching in the UK.


Teaching in another country, or teaching English as a second language, can offer someone so many life changing benefits and is very different from just teaching in the UK. People that undergo this experience can gain more confidence and social skills, learn another language, possibly have higher wages and become a happier, more well-rounded person. Though very different to working in the UK, choosing to study abroad can give someone the new life experiences they are looking for.