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Working abroad, especially in the education sector, is very rewarding. If you have recently promised yourself a change for the New Year and want to experience something completely different, teaching overseas could be ideal for you. Imagine immersing yourself in a brand new culture, trying things that you’d never thought you would and helping to shape the next generation with your teaching expertise. It’s an experience where you’ll be teaching pupils, but you’ll also learn a lot yourself. If you are considering teaching overseas there is a lot of support available with us.

Prospective overseas teachers may be wondering about the salary that they’ll receive and whether or not it will be able to support them and possibly their family too. The truth is, the amount could seem lower than what you would receive in your home country but if so this will be reflected in the cost of living. Some positions even include accommodation, which can hugely reduce your expenses.

We specialise in the recruitment of educators who are interested in teaching overseas, and we work with numerous educational bodies across the world to fulfil all of our teachers’ needs. As a dedicated, professional and innovative company we make sure that we are always available to deliver unwavering guidance and support. It’s understandable that such a big change in your life is daunting and it is inevitable that you will feel nervous about it. Fortunately you can always count on us to help facilitate the move. Whether you want to teach in the Middle East, South America or Africa, we have connections in all continents.

In order to make sure that our teachers feel confident in our services, our staff have previous educational experience as well. Not only can we deliver great service for teachers, but if you are an employer we can help you source the finest talent in your field. If you would like more help with teaching overseas, speak to one of our team members today and we’ll be able to assist you.