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With a range of teaching abroad vacancies in Europe including a range of subjects and roles across the full education system, we have exactly what you need to start your journey into a life in Europe. We offer a selection of vacancies for foreign teaching jobs in Europe including positions in countries such as Spain and Switzerland. Our vacancies offer teaching jobs in Madrid, Valencia, and Zurich amongst many other incredible cities providing you with the opportunity for an amazing new life, not just an incredible teaching career. There is a vacancy for almost every teacher with available positions in subjects including maths, science, and English as a second language (ESL). In addition to this, new positions becoming available frequently.

AST2829 Alicante, Spain Chemistry Teacher (A Level) – August 2018
AST2820 Alicante, Spain Secondary Maths Teacher – August 2018
AST2822 Barcelona, Spain Secondary English Teacher – August 2018
AST2819 Madrid, Spain Primary Year 3 Teacher – August 2018
AST2790 Madrid, Spain Special Needs Education School Principal – April 2018
AST2788 Madrid, Spain Science Teacher – February 2018 / ASAP
AST2755 Madrid, Spain Reception Teacher – November 2017 / ASAP
AST2737 Madrid, Spain Secondary English Teacher – September 2017
AST2736 Valencia, Spain Primary Year 2 Teacher (Maternity Cover) – August 2017
AST2730 Madrid, Spain Learning Support Teacher – August 2017
AST2728 Madrid, Spain Nursery Teacher – August 2017
AST2727 Madrid, Spain Primary Year 2 Teacher – August 2017
AST2726 Madrid, Spain Reception Teacher – August 2017
AST2689 Madrid, Spain SEN Teacher – August 2017
AST2681 Madrid, Spain KS1 Primary Teacher – January 2017
AST2636 Madrid, Spain KS1 Primary Teacher – August 2016
AST2635 Madrid, Spain EYFS Teacher – August 2016
AST2602 Madrid, Spain Year 2 Teacher – February 2016 or ASAP
AST2591 Valencia, Spain Chemistry Teacher – January / Easter 2016
AST2581 Madrid, Spain Nursery Teacher – August 2016
AST2582 Madrid, Spain EYFS / KS1 Coordinator – August 2016
AST2548 Zurich, Switzerland Secondary Maths IB Teacher – January 2016