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It was a pleasure liaising with Astute Education when seeking employment in the UAE, even through difficult times, they always went out of their way to provide me with feedback on my job application and their communication was very thorough. I am impressed with how they facilitated the recruitment process as a whole.
Well done and thank you to the team at Astute.


English Teacher – October 2016

Hi Ruth,
Safely arrived. My sincerest thanks for all your work and help over these months. I've been continuously impressed by the professionalism and attention of Astute.


English Teacher – October 2016

Astute Education were professional from the first time I made a tentative e-mail query about working abroad. Throughout the recruitment process, they kept me informed as to progress and I always felt confident that I was dealing with the best agency for me. By the time I attended my face-to-face interview with my new employer, Ruth at Astute had provided all the information I needed and so I felt well prepared for the interview and test. I even got a phone call and pep talk from Colin on the morning of my interview in Manchester. What more could you ask? Thank you for all your help Astute.


English Teacher – September 2016

Thank you so much Ruth you are a star! Xx
Please pass on my message to Rachel and Colin:
Thank you to the lovely Rachel she has been very helpful and thank you to Colin xx
You are all an amazing team.
Kind regards,


Business Studies Teacher – September 2016

Astute have been terrific and made my job application and move to the UAE so easy. They answered all my many queries via email and telephone‎ quickly and effectively, keeping me updated with every move the Ministry made with my application. I really would recommend no other agency but Astute in making your massive decision of moving abroad easy. They are on top of getting you there and look after you like family... from giving you interview tips to checking if you've arrived once you get here… they will be on top of it! Trust me... I can say this from experience!


Primary Teacher – September 2016

On the whole, I had a good experience with Astute.  There was always support available when I needed it and each of the staff members I interacted with were professional and helpful.
The one area I think could use improvement is the information you offer for the document attestation. Particularly for applicants from the U.S.
Aside from that. I think you guys are doing good work there. Far better than some other recruiters I've worked with.
I wish you all the best in the future. Be well and take care.


English Teacher – September 2016

I am now here in UAE ready to start my induction and so far, the process has been great. The Astute team reassured me and kept me informed at each stage, from before the interview, the visa process, booking flights and what to do on arrival. They have been there to speak to at each stage. I am staying in the most fantastic hotel, arranged by Astute and the MOE. I would highly recommend working with Ruth, Colin and Rachel at Astute. 


Design & Technology Teacher – August 2016

The service that I received from Astute Education; and yourself in particular, has been second to none! You have been at hand to advise and reassure me through the process of moving to the UAE and commencing work with the MOE. I have spoken to other teachers who did not receive anywhere near as good help and commitment from other agencies. I would happily recommend you to others.


Business Studies Teacher – August 2016

I have found Astute Education recruitment to be reliable and proficient in their dealing. They were able to arrange for an interview - preferred location) and then informed me the next working day of being successful. 
Ruth has been very supportive in her dealings with myself along Colin who initially passed me over. They both seem to have a greater in depth understanding and knowledge of their role and what's expected of them.
Astute provided me with details of the process and when to be ready. However, one thing I would say is that I wish the agency had a broader idea and outcomes of visa and schedule upon arrival. 
All in all, Astute has been great and had a wonderful experience which I will not forget easily. Especially during the few weeks before flying out of the country. I would recommend them as they deserve and worked hard on my behalf, compared to the other agencies out there. 


Business Studies Teacher – August 2016

I found Astute to be a very professional recruitment agency. The agents were also very patient with regards to answering the many questions that I had about my new job and new life in the UAE. When I spoke to my new colleagues who used other recruitment agencies, they thought that I was more prepared and informed than they were. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone.


English Teacher – August 2016

Very professional team, lots of information given prior to the big move. Ruth especially helped smooth out the process and answered all questions. Would recommend.


English Teacher – August 2016

Astute Education's support was invaluable in acquiring my current teaching position. Colin and Ruth's assistance from application through to arrival in the UAE was second to none. They were there to assist through every step and were open, honest and helpful whenever I had questions. I would thoroughly recommend them to any prospective teachers looking for their next career challenge.


English Teacher – August 2016

The professionalism and competency of Astute Education has exceeded expectations.  They have been first-class in all their dealings from day one from initial contact right up to the point of departure and beyond.  It is reassuring to know that there are such world-class professionals out there in this industry who have clearly demonstrated that their claims to care for both the teacher and the recruiter is patently obvious.  Astute Education deserve this accolade for their excellent recruitment process. They guide candidates through the whole process, including the supporting documentation needed from initial interview process right through to flight departure and then invite feedback to ensure the whole process has been a smooth transition. This is clearly a recruiter who has a genuine care for their clients and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential recruiter or teacher.


English Teacher – August 2016

Although this was not my first time working abroad, it was, however, my first time working through an agency. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was surely not disappointed with Astute! They answered all of my questions promptly and on time, they had always given all the information they possibly could have given the circumstances, and were very helpful in comforting me in my concerns. I arrived to the MOE program in the UAE with many other teachers, who were contracted through many other recruiters, and after talking with all the teachers, Astute Education was the only recruiter to have given us the proper information about the job, our specific work sites, and all other details that were necessary. No other recruitment agency was able to provide the details and support that Astute had. I highly suggest them for anyone who desires to work abroad and especially in this part of the world where proper documentation, authorization, and critical information are needed, because Astute Education had prepared me for this.


English Teacher – August 2016

After 5 years of teaching ESL abroad (3 of those in the Middle East), Astute is the first agency that has treated me like a person and not just another number. 
I have been pleasantly surprised with the assistance Astute have offered from the initial application process through to my arrival in the UAE. Ruth and Colin have always replied to my emails promptly and have gone out of their way to answer my many questions and queries. 

I'm really happy and grateful for the service provided by Astute and would definitely recommend them. Thanks, Ruth and Colin!


English Teacher – August 2016

Thank you all so much for your immense support with the transition into to the MoE project and dealing with all my uncertainties etc. Having being in Saudi 14 years I am quite sure at other end I will be fine!

Just packing left for tonight... Hope all is well - pray now the airport driver turns up... only thing left to worry about.
Regards and Best wishes


Business Studies Teacher – August 2016

I would like to thank you and your HR team for your professionalism and efficiency during the recruitment and relocation process. I would also like to thank Colin and Ruth for their professionalism and efficiency - making the change of employers a smooth and stress-free process.
I would recommend IAT or Astute Education as employers/recruiters based on my own experience.


FE English Lecturer – August 2016

Having made the monumental decision to move my family to the UAE, I was very lucky to discover Colin at Astute Education. He provided me with endless amounts of advice and prompt replies to my endless questions. I could not speak highly enough of Colin and wholeheartedly recommend Astute to anyone looking to secure a job in the UAE. 

Mary R

English Teacher – August 2016

I was not really sure what I was getting into when I decided to apply to teach abroad after 17 years at international School Seychelles. Coming across Colin and Ruth at Astute Education made the experience much less daunting than I thought. I am now on my way to a new job and looking forward to it too. Thank you, Colin, and Ruth. Your help greatly appreciated. 

Sel R

Science Teacher – August 2016

I have found the services of Astute to be reliable, prompt and efficient. Colin has been extremely helpful with my mass of questions, he put my mind at ease about my move abroad and I am very pleased with the service I have received.

Thank you for your help would defiantly recommend you Colin.

Louise R

Physical Education Teacher – October 2015

When myself and my family decided to move to the UAE, we knew it was going to wrench to leave family, friends and our stable jobs in the UK and heading off into the relative unknown. However, thanks to Colin and Ruth at Astute we always felt we had the support and guidance we needed whenever we needed it.

Thanks again for all your help Colin (and Ruth),
Best Regards,
Stephen & family

Stephen I

English Teacher – October 2015

I have found Astute staff to be professional, proactive and efficient in their endeavours to prepare me as best they could for the teaching post in Abu Dhabi. Colin and Ruth have both been on the ball from the on-set, from getting me an interview in less than a week, making the interview process less daunting with their friendly, out-going personas and keeping me abreast of all developments every step of the way throughout the 5 1/2 month wait till I received my final contract.

Thank you both, really, for being an agency I can trust and depend on. I would use you again and I would highly recommend anyone who perhaps has lost all hope in agencies, like I had before I met these two, but needs dedicated support in making the huge decision to relocate abroad

Gamu M

English Adult Education Teacher - September 2015

Astute Education fully supported me through the whole process from beginning to the end. I found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and always on hand to offer advice! Having never worked abroad before I was unsure of what to expect but Astute Education gave me all the help, advice and support that I needed to complete the process.

I know I could not have done it without them. Astute Education does provide an impeccable personal and friendly Recruitment service. I can't thank Colin and Ruth enough for all the help and support I received, always having time to talk, explain the process and complete my recruiting application efficiently and effectively.

Astute Education does deliver the best teaching Recruitment service. If you feel you need a new teaching challenge, contact Astute Education, they will provide the perfect platform for you to explore new, exciting teaching possibilities worldwide. What are you waiting for, go for it, I know I'm glad I did

Alex S

ICT Adult Education Teacher – August 2015

Astute Education fully supported me through the whole process from beginning to the end. I found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and always on hand to offer advice! Having never worked abroad before I was unsure of what to expect but Astute Education gave me all the help, advice and support that I needed to complete the process. I know I could not have done it without them.

Zaina H

Adult Education Teacher - April 2015

I went through Astute Education to get a job abroad. Being really honest I found the team very helpful and supportive. Someone was always on the other end of the line to help in the best way they possibly could. Colin always does his best as does Ruth and there were many times when I would either drop these guys an email or text and they would get back to me as soon as. The experience is amazing it's not about making mega bucks but having a quality lifestyle change and that makes a huge difference when you are supported as any move can prove to have some difficulties. One thing for sure is I can even now pick up the phone to Colin and he will do what he can!

Shameela K

English Teacher – January 2015

Colin and the Astute team got my interview set up and worked with me tirelessly until I finally made it over to The UAE. They followed up on my numerous emails and kept me in contact with my current employer. Great team with which to work.

Joe Y (USA)

English Teacher – January 2015

Absolutely the slickest agency I've ever been in contact with. From the moment they made contact with me, to when I got my job and arrived in Abu Dhabi, Colin and Ruth held my hand and walked me through the whole, complicated process, and were always available to update me and answer any questions. 5 Stars!

Thomas C

English Teacher – March 2015

When I began looking for an international teaching post I contacted Colin at Astute Education with regards to finding a position in Spain. Sadly the first position that I applied for was unsuccessful but a few weeks later Colin contacted me about an opportunity that had just become available. Within 24 hours I had an interview via Skype with the Head Teacher and I'm very happy to report that I am just about to start my 3rd full week of teaching in my new role as an ICT Teacher in an international school in Murcia. The advice and support that I received prior to, and during the interview process, from Colin at Astute Education was excellent. Astute Education provide a very professional but more importantly a very personal service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone else who is looking for an international teaching post.

Wendy B

ICT Teacher - January 2015

Astute organizes interviews in different UK cities and tests the subject knowledge of the candidates. I was offered a contract in Abu Dhabi and Astute worked with me and advised me through the acceptance process, and contacted me when I arrived at my destination. Their staff were always available to answer questions and offer reassurance. They come and visit on-site so they know what the working conditions are really like. I have found them very helpful and I've also found them to be in continual contact seeking progress updates for the earlier part of your stay in UAE. After a very nervous journey out I am very happy with my job and with the support offered by Astute.

Chris M

ICT Teacher – January 2015

Astute Education has continued to support me from my initial application, through the entire selection process and beyond. I have been hand held through a process that was new to me, having applied for an overseas posting for the first time. Especially useful was the information I received about the processes involved in legalizing documents and obtaining the entry visa for the UAE. In addition, they provided the crucial link between the employer and myself, proactively keeping both parties updated and informed, thereby ensuring a mutually beneficial and effective recruitment process. I have found all the staff extremely helpful regardless of the time of day. On occasions I have had the need to call them on Sunday or late in the evening and nothing has been too much trouble.

Sajid M

Adult Education English – January 2015

I think if I were to give you any helpful comment, I would simply summarise it as ‘be flexible, be prepared and come early! I believe that the first few months are the most challenging, as not only do you need to make the necessary adjustments to the new life style and work ‘style’, but all your free time is spent on sorting out paperwork, accommodation etc. The hardest part initially, was the very early start of the day and constant feeling of exhaustion, and may be the extreme heat and levels of humidity. Once you have gone past the above, which may feel insurmountable at times, and got used to the way of life and work (I am still working on this), there is potential to enjoy life here. I think I need a year, before I can give a more definite analysis and opinion on this.

By the way, the weather is amazing now!

Sabah M

Maths Teacher – September 2015

Astute Education - Helpful and friendly staff. After searching for a few weeks for a teaching job in South East Asia, I found an advertisement for a teaching job from Astute Education. I emailed the contact and had a reply and a phone conversation within the next couple of days. From there Astute where able to get in contact with the employer and arrange an interview the following week. The Astute staff, Colin, kept in contact throughout the process and offered support regarding my CV. I am now living and teaching in Kuala Lumpur and have even had a message from Astute a month down the line to check everything is going well. I would definitely use Astute Education in the future and recommend them for their personal and friendly service.

Faye D

Drama / Primary Teacher – January 2015

I am really impressed with the personalised recruitment service that Astute offer. From recommending vacancies suited to individual skills set, to the on-going support and advice throughout the entire process, I would highly recommend Astute to potential candidates. The recruitment consultants are specialists in their field and are always on hand to answer any queries, in a friendly, approachable manner. From the initial decision making process on deciding which post to apply for, to the specific application and interview guidance, from the highly experienced recruitment consultants, maximise your outcome of securing a successful post. Astute is the recruitment consultancy that will enable you to achieve your career aspirations!

Ms Ghulam

Science Teacher – 2015